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Jean Baptiste Robin (1976-)

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Composer, Organist. Professor at the conservatoire in Versailles, and organist at Chapel of Versailles. Composition list is derived from http://jbrobin.com/?q=catalogue-sous-menu Inst.=Instrumental music, Ch.=Chamber music, Or.=Orchestral music, Vo.=Vocal music

- William Rehwinkel
May 17, 2022

- Anonymous
Oct 26, 2022

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C No. Title Incipit
Inst. 2001 Regard vers l'Aïr, for organ
Inst. 2003/6 Falaises, miroir de lune, for piano solo
Inst. 2004 Trois Eléments d'un songe, for Great Organ
Inst. 2008 L'enfant, le cercle et le vent, for piano solo
Inst. 2008 Cercles Réfléchissants, for Great Organ
Inst. 2011 Trois Solos, for organ
Inst. 2012 Cinq versets sur le Veni Creator, for Great Organ
Inst. 2014 Indian's Rock, for harpsichord
Inst. 2014 Regard vers Agartha, for 4 hands organ
Inst. 2015 Ciaconna, for piano solo
Inst. 2017 Bagatelle, for cello solo
Inst. 2018 The Hands of Time
Inst. 2019 Click Time, for saxophone
Inst. 2019 Chant du Ténéré, for organ
Inst. 2020 24 études, for trumpet
Inst. 2020 La Destruction du temps, for organ
Inst. 2020 Résilience, for piano \time 3/4 \key e \minor << \relative g' { g4~8 fis16 g \tuplet 3/2  { a4 b8} fis2.*2/3 } \\ \relative e' { r4 e b r d } >>
Ch. 1999/2015 Etoile intérieure, for piano and organ
Ch. 2006 Impulsion, for 2 pianos and percussions
Ch 2006 Reflected Faces, String quartet, harp, flute and clarinet in B-Flat
Ch 2007 Labyrinthe circulaire, for clarinet ensemble
Ch 2013 Récits héroïques, for trumpet and organ
Ch 2014 Trois Nuits, for 2 cellos
Ch 2015 Citadelle, for piano and cello
Ch 2015 Chant de l'Ame, for trumpet and piano (reduction)
Ch 2016 Sur un Sommet, for wind trio
Ch 2019 Les Rouages du temps, for flute, cello and organ
Ch 2015/2019 #Tictac, for piano and violin
Ch 2014-2020 Chant de l'Ame, for C trumpet and string quartet
Ch 2021 Parchemins de cendre, for C trumpet and organ
Or. 2002 Toccata, for large orchestra (extract from Tombeau de Couperin by Maurice Ravel)
Or. 2003-2004 Paysages paralléles, for large orchestra
Or. 2010 Distances, for chamber orchestra
Or. 2012 Crop Circles, for large orchestra
Or. 2013 Mechanic Fantasy, for organ, string orchestra and timpani
Or. 2014 Chant de l'Ame, for C trumpet and string orchestra
Or. 2019 La lame des heures, for large orchestra
Or. 2020 Zenith, for strings orchestra and 2 oboes
Or. 2020 Trois Destinées, for soprano and orchestra
Vo. 2001 Hommage a Reiner Maria Rilke, for soprano and ensemble
Vo. 2005 Emergences, for children choir and organ
Vo. 2013 En Clara vox, for two equal voices and organ
Vo. 2018 Poemes de l'aube et de la nuit, for mezzo-soprano and piano
Vo. 2018 L'Horloge, for bass and piano
Vo. 2018 Tic-Tac, for soprano and piano
Vo. 2020 Trois Destinées, for soprano and orchestra